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New Girl season 5

Episodes: 22 of 22

In New Girl season 5 Jess is planning to hold an engagement for Schmidt and Cece. She wants to surprise Cecilia, organizing a meeting with her mother. Nick and Schmidt began a joint business - they became equal partners in the possession of the bar, but Schmidt's tough character could be a...

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New Girl season 4

Episodes: 22 of 22

New Girl season 4 begins when friends attends summer wedding. Jess comes into conflict with a girl named Kat for the Ted attention. Schmidt offers Nick a joint sex with 2 beauties. Coach has difficulty trying to find a girl for one night. Cece appears at the wedding with the news that she and...

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New Girl season 3

Episodes: 23 of 23

New Girl season 3 begins with the consequences of the previous season events: Jess and Nick's romantic relationship and Cece wedding. Nick and Jess celebrate the first month together. Schmidt tries to choose between Cece and Elizabeth. As a result, he starts to date with both of them...

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New Girl season 2

Episodes: 25 of 25

As before, everything is difficult in Jess' life in New Girl season 2. She lost her job. Many interviews end in failure and Jess starts to panic because of the lack of work. Friends support her and help in the search. She meets a nice guy named Sam at the bar. Sam confuses Jess with the girl, whom...

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New Girl season 1

Episodes: 24 of 24

TV series "New Girl" tells the story about a young teacher by the name of Jessica Day. She lost the roof over head and haven't yet had time to recover from a breakup with her boyfriend. Jess came to the negotiations on the settlement of the apartment to the three guys (Nick, Schmidt and Coach)...

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New Girl season 6

Episodes: 8 of 22

New Girl season 6 continues to talk about Jess and her friends. They still don't want to grow up and become more responsible. Nevertheless, Schmidt and Cece decided to go to the next level - they have become the married couple. But no one knows whether their lives will change? New season begins 3...

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